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About D.J. Thomas

By the time she was sixteen years old, Debra “DJ” Thomas had already developed a love of

using her hands and creativity to make her world a more interesting and beautiful place.

She started by sketching designs and sewing dresses for her younger sister’s dolls, which

inspired her to boldly begin making clothes and drapery for herself and others. DJ’s love of

creative design expanded beyond fashion into repurposing furniture, turning everyday finds

into beautiful pieces that redefined their spaces.

In 2016, after twenty successful years as an insurance and sales professional, DJ

decided to pursue a career in Interior Design.  She currently holds a Career Studies

Certification as an Associate Designer, a Kitchen and Bath Career Studies Certification, a

Certification in Green Design for Interiors, and is on track to obtain her Associates of Applied Science (AAS) in Interior Design, December 2019.

She is a Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society member (PTK),

an American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) member, as well as a National Kitchen and Bath (NKBA) member.

DJ’s ability to listen and draw out her clients’ individual tastes makes her exceptional at

transforming their homes and offices in a way that aligns with their personality and vision.

She firmly believes that every single space, regardless of shape or size, is unique and an

opportunity to become an exquisite expression of the owner’s life and story. DJ’s motto is

“Every space has the potential to be beautiful at the intersection of inspired intention and

professional attention.”

Indulge yourself and book her today.



An Inside Scoop Into My Creations

Take a look at a few of the projects I've done from Design, Art Appreciation, Space Planning, Drafting, and Rendering

Layering Color and Texture

The objective was to take a blank space and sketch out a bedroom using the box method, gradually adding in texture and color. This project gave me an opportunity to hone my skills in shading while working with colored pencils and markers to achieve rich tones in the room. I also experimented using a whiteout marker which interestingly helped me add texture to the bedding ensemble and highlighted the features of the lamp and nightstand.

Rendered Bedroom Turquoise set cropped.j

Start with the drawing...and a blank canvas and this is where creativity comes to play!

Rendered living room sketch cropped.jpg

The Little Details

My goal here was to capture the small details; the lines in the stone flooring, the reflection from the sliding glass door, the vase near the mirror sitting by the window.  It is the small details in a room that make it feel like home.

Rendered living room 1 cropped.jpg


One Point Perspective Final Project

For this project, I used both of these rooms as inspiration.  The sleek lines of the wall of wardrobes and the complementary visual texture of the ceiling, chandelier, and ottoman, harmoniously combines the best elements of the two rooms in this one point perspective by giving the space more depth and interest.  And of course, I had to include Lexi...Woof, Woof!

Rendering with Color

Chic And Sophisticated

WTQO6130 (2).JPG


Elegant and Modern

Rendering final sketch Zeke2.jpg

The Best of Both Worlds

Indulge Yourself with a New View

Rendered Final Burlesque filter.jpg
Drafted Cabinet IDS 105 cropped.jpg

Cabinet Project

Drafting 105

Drafted Resource Room 105 cropped2.jpg

Resource Room Project

Drafting 105

Master bath IDS 105 Mr. Austin cropped.j

Master Bath Project

Drafting 105 


My Favorite Projects

What I Created

Mixed Media Black & White Grid Photo

Subject: Taylor M. Perry

Photo by: Riley M. Thomas

Working from a black and white photo with a full range of values divided into a 1” square grid. The image was transferred onto Bristol board (also divided into 1” or 2” grid).  Then using a 1” viewfinder, recreate equivalent values, shapes, and lines in different media.
TERMS: Value, tint, shade, tone, shading, crosshatching, hatching, stippling, high key, middle key, low key, simultaneous contrast, equivalent contrast, mixed media, and unity.

Mixed Media Hand Sketched

My Life

The objective was to create a mixed media design by identifying and recreating equivalent values using various media including pencil, pen, and collage. I have this project hanging in my home as the subject and the photographer are my grand-daughters.



My objective here was to create a linear design in a spontaneous responsive fashion that also incorporates a variety of fills and patterns.  My design was influenced by the fairytale of the Fortunatus Purse.  I used different techniques like stippling and cross-patching.  I used whimsical patterns like leaves, hearts, dollars, cents, baskets hidden with money and piano keys. Trying to find balance with positive-negative space was a challenge, but I just let go and allowed my imagination to flow freely and it all came together.


Defying Time, Space, and Scale

The objective here is to create a unified photomontage with a strong focal point using images that challenge our perception of space, scale, proportion, and reality.  There are four items hidden in plain sight, can you find them? Set of wine glasses, a red bottle of wine, strawberries, and a bunch of pears. Have fun!!


DJ's Services

Transforming Your Space One Design at a Time

Chic Cottage .jpg

Design Consultation

Every space has its own personality,  and at A New View For You, I work with my clients throughout the whole process and make sure to bring their vision to life with my designs. Book a consultation today and see what I can offer you!

Chic Cottage 1st floor.jpg

Spatial Planning

A lot of people underestimate the importance of well thought out Spatial Planning and the impact it can have on their space.  I’ve designed commercial and residential spaces, and work together with my clients to create the designs that are most suitable to their specific needs. Contact me today and book a consultation.

Ready to get started? Contact me today to bring your design dreams to life.


Auto CAD - Chief Architect

Chic Cottage

Second Floor Plan

K&B 2nd floor.jpg

Chic Cottage

Kitchen Elevation

K&B Kitchen Elevelation.jpg

Chic Cottage

Bathroom Elevation

K&B Bath elevations.jpg


My Designs

Thomas 01 bedroom.JPG

Master Bedroom

Chic And Sophisticated

Thomas 02 Bedroom.JPG

A Retreat at Home

Transitional Elegance



To Classic style


Cozy Reading Nook

Time to Relax with a Good Book!


The Inspirational Side of Me

Covenant Wear by Deborah is my motivational apparel line.  I was inspired with this concept a few years ago to help encourage women on a daily basis.  When the world makes you feel you’re not at your best you can carry a hidden message that will carry you throughout the day.  In2 Me I See...I am

Swinging Chair

"The Value of life lies not in the length of days, but in the use we make of them"



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